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Arcserve Data Protection Appliance
Data protection hardware + Arcserve UDP software—all in a single, simple solution

Arcserve Data Protection Appliance

The challenge of protecting your data kingdomThe challenge of protecting your data kingdom

You’ve got data scattered all over the place—remote locations and decentralized IT departments, and on virtual servers, the cloud, big iron, and everything in-between.

Or, maybe you don’t—maybe you’re a small business with limited IT resources and expertise.

In either case, the viability of your organization depends upon your ability to protect your critical data.

(Heavy is the head that wears the IT crown.)

Protect everything with an all-in-one data protection appliance

Arcserve Unified Data Protection Appliance is the simple everything-you-need hardware, plus software solution that empowers you to protect your business data—no matter who you are or where your data lives. Read: We’ve just made your job easy. How so?

Protect everything with an all-in-one data protection applianceA single, unified solution means you can:

And, UDP Appliance makes that possible with:

Seeing as this actually has nuts and bolts, let’s get down to them.

Your unified data protection appliance gives you a range of easy-to-use, enterprise-class features and capabilities, including:

Appliance Stack

And, with six UDP Appliance models available, you’ll have the flexibility to protect from 1TB to 90TBs of source data, right in the box. Even better, remote storage allows you to expand your data capacity even further.

With this comprehensive, unified data protection appliance, there’s no need for multiple niche solutions, which:

Say “no way” to the old ways. UDP Appliance gives you easy data protection you can count on.