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Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud
Prevent IT disasters in any location, from your applications and systems, at your premises and in your clouds

Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud

Arcserve Products
Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud
Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud
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Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud untangles the knot of 21st Century IT by delivering powerful backup, disaster recovery, high availability, and email archiving technologies through a single cloud-native management interface.

Businesses are armed with complete protection for their entire IT ecosystem, eliminating downtime and data loss in any location, from their applications and systems, at their premises and in their clouds.

Meet your RTOS, RPOS, and SLAS without the complexity of multiple tools and interfaces

Cloud is rapidly changing the way businesses back up data, yet most continue to use non-x86 platforms such as UNIX, HP/UX, and AIX to support legacy applications. With multi-generational IT infrastructures such as these, businesses increase their risk of data loss and extended downtime from the complexity of managing primary, secondary, and tertiary data centers, operating environments, disaster recovery protocols, and colocation facilities.

Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud untangles the knot of 21st Century IT. This complete cloud-hosted business continuity and disaster recovery solution combines powerful backup, high availability, and email archiving technologies to eliminate downtime and data loss in any location, from your applications and systems, at your premises and in your clouds.

Increase your productivity and reclaim up to 50% more time. Eliminate gaps in your business continuity strategy with one solution. Protect every single byte from one management console.

Features and Benefits:

A single solution with flexible policies for your systems, storage types, and applications

Powered by a unified, cloud-based management interface, Arcserve’s Business Continuity Cloud empowers you with complete protection for your entire IT ecosystem:

Prevent Downtime

Prevent downtime and data loss from complex, multi-generational IT infrastructures with the only integrated cloud-native, cloud-based, and cloud-ready data protection solution

Restore SLAS

Restore SLAs and support your recovery time and point objectives (RTOs/RPOs), from seconds to hours

Automatically Test

Automatically test and validate your ability to recover, and provide granular reports to key data protection stakeholders

Safely Move

Safely move large volumes of data to and from the cloud without draining bandwidth

Immediately Restore

Immediately restore access to critical systems and applications after an outage or disaster, including ransomware attacks

Easily Scale

Easily scale and pay-as-you-grow without adding additional tools or management interfaces

Support Corporate Compliance

Support corporate and regulatory compliance by simplifying legal discovery and audits

Safeguard Your It Transformation

Safeguard your IT transformation with multi-cloud and cross-cloud data protection

How It Works:

Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud gives you access to the most comprehensive range of technologies available to meet existing and future IT needs. Migrating workloads to a public or private cloud? We have you covered. Need advanced hypervisor protection? It’s right here. Require support of sub-minute RTOs and RPOs? We support that, too.

Unlike point tools that may protect some, but not all, of your systems and applications, Arcserve delivers technologies to support every IT platform – from UNIX and x86 to public and private clouds.

Powerful technologies are accessed through a single web-based management console, giving you a seamless user experience to protect your entire business. No more toggling between screens or managing multiple products with different SLAs.

Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) and reclaim up to 50% more time by managing all data protection processes from one place. With business continuity and disaster recovery, everything you need is right here.

How It Works

Arcserve and Microsoft Azure:

Ninety-six percent of Fortune 50 companies have publicly announced a cloud strategy1 , which illustrates just how quickly the public cloud, including Microsoft Azure, is changing the IT infrastructures of business around the world. However, many companies often find themselves lacking proper data protection and disaster recovery solutions to support their public cloud transformation journey.

Deeply integrated with Microsoft Azure, Arcserve solutions keep your business running, whether your infrastructure is already in Azure or you are just embarking on your path to the cloud. Arcserve’s data protection solutions enable you to meet service level agreements (SLA) by applying a common set of policies, recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) across all your critical applications and data sets.

With our backup, disaster recovery, high availability and archiving solutions, your company will:

  • Prevent data loss and improve resiliency across on-premises and cloud-based systems
  • Ensure safe migration of critical business applications to Azure
  • Eliminate complexity and reduce IT management overhead costs by up to 50%
  • Reduce RTOs and RPOs to just minutes or seconds, and validate SLAs
  • Strengthen compliance by enabling you to quickly respond to regulatory and legal discovery requests

Deep Integration Creates Unique Solutions

We’ve built a deep history with Microsoft, collaborating to develop innovation solutions that solve the toughest IT challenges. Our strong alliance ensures that your business reaps the benefits from both solutions: Arcserve’s cutting-edge data protection with Azure’s advanced cloud capabilities.

Together, we deliver a myriad of unique capabilities to support the migration and protection of your business applications in Azure, including backup to and from Azure, migration of your systems to Azure, disaster recovery that leverages Azure as an offsite location, high availability with failover between on-premises systems and Azure, as well as archiving your email to Azure.

Arcserve and Microsoft Azure


Arcserve Products
Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud
Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud
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